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Ralph Speaks
The Story of Dogs And Passover

The holiday of Passover starts on Monday night.  Jewish homes all over the world are busy cleaning and scouring to remove all traces of leaven. Observant Jews even change their dogs food to make sure that it contains no leaven. (Hint: Click here for the 2014 Definitive Kosher for Passover Dog Food List) Did you... [more]

Latest Pooch Posts
Do Dogs Get Colds and Flus?

Just like us, pets are prone to colds and flus. More often than not, the respiratory symptoms manifested in animals are [more]

5 Ways to “Go Green” With Your Dog

A very common misconception about being eco-friendly is that it tends to be more expensive than simply living a not-so s[more]

3 Wild & Wacky Tricks to Teach Your Dog

Tired of the same old tricks? One of the greatest ways to make your bond with your dog stronger is by teaching him new t[more]

Top Ten Signs of Canine Heart Disease

When it comes to canine heart disease, early diagnosis and timely treatment can make all the crucial difference in your [more]

Ask Dr. Chris
Where Is My Dog’s Pain Coming From?

Does your dog ever cry out in pain and you don’t know why? As an emergency vet, this presenting complaint is pretty common and often times, clients are baffled as to why this is occurring. It can be[more]

Video: Inspiring Dogs
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US Colleges & Universities with Dogs for Mascots

Americans are in love with their collegiate sports teams. No doubt about it. And for every faithfully-followed team is a[more]

Ask the Trainer: Helping a Dog Through a Severe Fear of Storms

Dear Kevin, My dog, Jake, is from the Joplin, Missouri tornado. He is very skittish and shakes at shadows or when there [more]

Rawhide: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There are countless types of dog chews, bones, and toys in the market today, and rawhide is one of the most popular. Bec[more]

Ask the Trainer: Teaching Your Dog to Come When Called

Dear Kevin, My Afghan Hound, Zeph comes when called – if he feels like it. He knows what I am asking but whether h[more]

Dog Park Etiquette

If you’re fortunate enough to have a dog park in your town, congratulations! The dog park can be a wonderful place[more]

What Would Happen to Your Dog, If Something Happened to You?

We generally outlive our pets as they have a shorter life span than us. That’s why it is recommended that as responsib[more]

Removing a Tick From Your Dog’s Skin

Responsible pet owners know that tick prevention is important – but not always 100% effective. Chances are, at som[more]

Senior Dogs: Young At Heart

When thinking about dog adoption, many people imagine bringing home a furry, spanking new little pooch to grow up with t[more]


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