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Earth-Friendly Ideas for Dog Owners


Because we all have a duty to do our part in protecting the planet for future generations, choosing to live a “green” life with your pooch is a great route to take. Becoming eco-friendly doesn’t have to be tough. Many online boutiques now offer various organic and environmentally friendly dog products for you to choose…

The Scary Truth About “Free to a Good Home” Dog Classifieds


Every responsible dog owner or pet parent knows that getting a dog is a life-long commitment. From the moment you open your heart and home to a loyal dog, you’re in it for the long haul, through sickness and health, ups and downs, good and bad, through snuggles on the couch to picking up the…

Mastermind Behind Car Vandalism Spree Finally Caught – and She’s Adorable!


For nearly 6 months, residents of Brampton, a small town in England, have been victims of vandalism. The elusive criminal slashed more than two dozen tires over the course of months and police had no leads. So, resident Ann Taylor took it upon herself to find the vandal and put an end to the crime…

Doggie Do’s and Don’t's on Easter

Easter can be a fun holiday for your entire family and of course that includes the dog, too! However, because there are a few extra potential hazards and likely sources of stress for our four-legged best friends during this festive day, it’s important that you keep him safe. To have only the happiest of Easters…

VIDEO: Beware of Guard Dogs Disguised as Coats!


When Matt Rundquist paid a surprise visit to his mother’s Chicago house, he was greeted in the entryway by a very unhappy coat. Wait, what? Just watch… Stuck in a coat sleeve but still performing her guard dog duties is Traif, a Dachshund. Traif is a Hebrew word meaning “not kosher,” a nod to this…

What to Do If You Find a Lost Dog


Have you ever lost your dog? If yes, then you know very well how relieving it is to receive a call from a stranger who has dialed the phone number indicated on your dog’s collar or to see your pooch happily run to you at the community shelter. Without a doubt, critical in most of…

The Benefits of Walking Your Dog


Dogs are great at providing strong motivation to maintain their owner’s exercise program – who can resist a happy dog, panting with excitement at the front door? They make great walking companions and can serve as the perfect social support. So if you are having difficulty sticking to your fitness program, why don’t you try…

How One Special Dog is Saving the Whales


Tucker is an 8-year old black Lab mix and the world’s only canine marine biologist. Formerly a stray on the streets of Seattle, this special dog now spends his time sniffing out and tracking orca, also known as killer whales, off the coast of Washington. You see, Tucker is the only dog in the world…

Do Dogs Get Colds and Flus?


Just like us, pets are prone to colds and flus. More often than not, the respiratory symptoms manifested in animals are a result of viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.  However, most commonly, canine colds and flus take place due to virus. Since these illnesses can result in serious secondary bacterial infections if left untreated, consulting…

5 Ways to “Go Green” With Your Dog


A very common misconception about being eco-friendly is that it tends to be more expensive than simply living a not-so sustainable life. Actually, this is hardly the case. In fact, there are numerous ways for you to care for the environment without breaking the bank. Becoming Eco-friendly with Fido Although dogs don’t really worry about…

3 Wild & Wacky Tricks to Teach Your Dog


Tired of the same old tricks? One of the greatest ways to make your bond with your dog stronger is by teaching him new tricks. Training him new wild and wacky tricks is not only entertaining, but rewarding as well. Nevertheless, before you think about introducing him to more advanced directives, he should first succeed…

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