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Keeping Your Dog (And Your Kids) Safe On Halloween


Halloween is just around the corner so here are some tips for kids, parents, and dog owners to help keep everyone including dogs safe this Halloween. Bizarre sights and sounds can cause stress in a normally calm dog. It is much safer and better to keep dogs out of the excitement by securing them away…

Whistle Training: Getting Your Dog to Come Every Time


Object of this exercise is to train your dog to respond to a whistle – and to stop what he is doing and return immediately to the person blowing the whistle. But this exercise is not a substitute for the verbal recall; your dog should be trained to respond to both the whistle and the…

The Link Between Culture and Aggression in Dogs


Aggression is quickly becoming prevalent as we see more aggression cases now than ever before. Not only what we see as therapist and trainers but also what’s taking place in other countries. I think we need to re-think how were running training classes and how were dealing with aggression. Some countries are rapidly getting worse…

Tips For Quieting a Barking Dog


Let’s look at a few possible reasons your dog is barking. Your dog could be barking to ask you or another dog to play; or to get your attention; or to relieve boredom or stress; to express excitement; to request something he wants; or to warn off a perceived threat. You should be able to…

Training Dogs from the Outside-In


The way training evolved in our culture over the last 60 years or so were through people who came out of canine training at the end of World War II. They became civilian dog trainers. When I think back to the type of training I was taught when I was starting out, forty years ago,…

Put an End to Rock Eating


First off, a visit to the vet is always a good idea. If he gets a clean bill of health then we need to focus on changing his behavior and his motivation for rock eating.  Since a puppy uses his mouth as an instrument to explore his world. If he’s confined to a barren yard…

Socializing Your New Puppy is a Must!


If you have a puppy, bite the bullet and socialize it now. The effort you put in now will reward you a thousand fold. Socialization is the best chance your dog as to live a happy life and does not become emotionally crippled. Socialization is the process by which a dog must be exposed to…

The Magic Behind the Clicker: The Basics


What is a clicker anyway? The clicker is a tool like any other training tool, except that it’s magical. To be effective with it, you have to learn how to use it well. The three essential concepts to understand in clicker training are timing, criteria and rate of reinforcement. If you have any problems in…

Thinking Like a Dog to Understand Behavior


What do we know about dogs? The more appropriate question is what do we think we know about dogs? The world of canines is a vast place populated with a wide variety of different breeds, backgrounds and circumstances all of which must be accounted for when trying to understand dog behavior. It may be time…

What Shelter Dogs Need the Most


What shelter dogs need the most has absolutely nothing to do with brick and mortar. It doesn’t matter to dogs what color the paint on the wall is, what modern design a shelter has, or that you can even feed and water them without the need to open the gates. It’s not the fabric of…

‘Tis the Season – To Keep Your Dog Safe!


In the spirit of the coming season The Pee Press offers helpful holiday tips for dog owners on how to keep their dogs safe and happy during the holidays. When planning your holiday festivities, it’s important to keep your pets in mind. With a little thought and preparation you can make sure you all enjoy…

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