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Bringing a New Dog In With Existing Pets


Before you go out and get a new dog or puppy to bring into your home if you already have one or more other pets, consider these potential problems that can arise. One word of warning: although it doesn’t happen often, obtain your new pet with the understanding that you can and will have to…

YOUR Responsibilities, Owner!

pooping dog

WHAT responsibilities, you say? Surely not! Just keep it fed and watered, and take it out, or tie it up in the yard? Right? Unfortunately, too many people think that’s all there is to being a dog owner. You may have an idiot dog-owning neighbor or two like that. I know I do! LOL! Don’t…

5 (or 6) Commands Your Dog Must Know!


Most training manuals go into wayyyyy too many commands, and too much depth, especially if you are new to dog-training. Many of the manuals I have been exposed to are confusing to beginners. IMHO, here are 5 or 6 basic commands you should teach your dog if you want a loving, happy, obedient dog as…

Help Your Aging Buddy!


Unfortunately, the problems and infirmities of old age, such as arthritis, catch up with our canine buddy as easily as they do for us. Seems like one day out of the blue, you notice that your dog has difficulty climbing stairs, or jumping off something. If the problem persists, get your vet to make sure…

The Norwegian Elkhound


Norwegian Elkhounds are an old breed that dates back to the Stone Ages in Scandinavia. They are beautiful dogs of medium size, with a curled tail, and strong lines. Bred for hunting, they have amazing stamina and speed. Being they evolved in colder climates, they have a thick double coat, and shouldn’t be considered as…

Quick Way To Stop the “Jumping Up”


When you bring in a new, adorable pup, its behavior is usually considered “so sweet”. The dog puts its paws on you to get your attention, or jumps in your lap, or jumps up and down on its hind legs begging to be picked up. So what do you do? Without thinking, you reinforce those…

Toxic Dog Foods


Contrary to what many dog owners think, their pooch is not a four legged garbage disposal for table scraps. While we all occasionally slip our dog something from our dinner table, this is not a good idea because many of the foods we assume are ok for the dog to eat, are in truth, very…

Stopping a Dog From Going Potty in the House

pooping dog

No one likes to wake up to dog urine or feces in their home. This is not only disgusting; it is a very unhealthy environment for your family members, especially if you have toddlers crawling around on the carpets. Sadly, many dog owners never seem to housebreak their puppies or dogs, when doing so is…

Dealing With Matted Dog Hair


We brush our hair daily, usually several times a day, and so should we be brushing our dog’s coat of hair. Below are several easy tips for dealing with matted dog hair and how to eliminate this problem for long hair pooches. I know with the busy lives we lead it is not always possible…

Stop Your Dog’s Digging Up the Yard


Are you the proud owner of a dog that digs up your yard like he is operating a backhoe? Here are a few reasons why the dog is digging, and how to stop your dog’s digging holes all over the yard. All dogs dig holes, while some breeds are more prone to do so. These…

Selecting the Best Dog For Your Kids


How many of us have a very vivid picture in our mind of our children playing joyfully with the puppy they have been begging us for? I certainly do and I suspect most of you do as well. Kids and dogs are a natural fit, so it is important when you are selecting a dog…

Joyful Dog
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