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I've had dogs all my life. My first was a poodle named Sophie when I was 7 years old. Then we had two airdales, Bunty and King, during my teen years. Jake was a terrific Golden Retriever who lived to be 14 years old. And Jes, my Olde English Bulldog, came to live with me at the too-young-age of one month. She's now 3 years old and we're still rockin' it together.

Bringing a New Puppy Into Your Old Dog’s Home


Many people who are faced with losing their old pal opt to bring a new puppy home to ease the sorrow they know they’ll feel at the passing of their older dog. If you’re planning to do that, here are a few tips, courtesy of Old Dog Care Guide to make the old dog and…

Dog Food Brands Share Manufacturing Facilities


Dog owners select a certain brand of dog food with the belief that the product has been scientifically developed specifically by their brand of choice. Well, it has, but dog food recalls hit the news lately and it wasn’t limited to only one or two dog foods. Why were so many different dog food brands…

Dangers of Composting To Your Dog

Read about the dangers of composting to your dog | photo by Kirsty Hall

The EPA sings the praises of composting. It enriches the soil, helps prevent polution and reduces the need for water, fertilizers, and pesticides.  But did you know that it can also seriously hurt or kill your dog? There are significant dangers of composting to your dog, as revealed by ZooToo. If you have pets, take…

Dogs for the Deaf: Hattie’s Story

Dogs for the Deaf trained Hattie for Jennifer

UPDATE August 29, 2012: It makes me really sad to report that Hattie got seriously ill and has ran up an emergency vet bill of over $3,500.  The good news is that Hattie is now home, recovering and already back to work alerting Jen to sounds. Hattie’s health diagnosis will require much needed future maintenance and care in order…

How to Cope When Your Dog Dies

How to cope when your dog dies

The emotional pain of losing a dog is just as strong, and just as real, as the emotional pain we suffer when we lose a human loved one. So the same five stages of grief that we must pass through when we lose a friend or family member apply when learning how to cope when your…

Finding Good Advice for a Healthy Diet Dog Food

Jes needs to lose 5 pounds

There’s no denying my bulldog is a bit overweight. She’s 75 pounds and the vet says her max weight should really be closer to 70 pounds.  My vet didn’t provide any specific guidelines; just that she needed to trim down. So I went to the web in search of help. Since Pet Flow and Pet…

Reduce Your Dog’s Carbon Footprint

Scoop the Poop | photo by LuLu Hoeller

We all know one of the mantras of green living is “recycle,” and that applies to our dogs’ toys as well. A second key word in the “green” lexicon is “organic.” Who doesn’t love an organic cotton tee? But are you aware of dog collars and toys made with organic cotton?  I wasn’t. Thanks to…

The Best Place to Buy Dog Food Online

Previously we reported on where to buy the cheapest dog food online.  But as we all know, price is only one factor that goes into any buying decision. There are many other factors to consider when looking for the best place to buy dog food online. For me, the ease of the transaction is incredibly…

Three Easy Tips for Living Green with a Dog


There are so many great tips on living green with a dog. It seems people are coming up with more and more all the time.  I came across these three recently at and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Here are three easy tips for living green with a dog 1. Reuse If…

Where’s the Cheapest Place to Buy Dog Food Online

Cheapest Dogfood Online | photo by Lindyi

Between routine visits to the vet, grooming, food, treats, toys and pet supplies the American Pet Products Association says some studies estimate that a dog owner will spend $11,000 on a dog over the lifetime of the pet. I’m sure every dog owner would agree that our pets are more than worth that much money….

Who Is Cheaper on Canned Dog Food: PetCo or PetSmart

canned dog food cheaper at PetSmart

Today’s shopping spree took me to PetSmart in Plymouth, Minnesota and PetCo in Eden Prairie, Minnesota; both western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota and 13 miles apart from each other.  This time my focus was who is cheaper on canned dog food PetCo or PetSmart. I stopped first at PetSmart and bought a variety of wet…

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