Choosing a Breed
Breed Specific Legislation
Obama Administration Takes a Stand Against Breed Specific Legislation

Could a Pit Bull be the next dog to call the White House home? In December of 2012, a petition was created at The White [more]

Mark Buehrle’s Fur Family Not Welcomed in Toronto

For the last 11- months, Miami Marlins pitcher, Mark Buehrle and his family, which includes a beloved American Staffords[more]

October is National Pit Bull Awareness Month

National Pit Bull Awareness Day was established in 2007 as a nationwide effort to bring positive awareness and attention[more]

Airlines Refuse to Send Military Dog Home Because of His Breed

It doesn’t seem logical that a dog that was trained in the military and scheduled to be sent to Afghanistan to ser[more]

UPDATE: Miami-Dade Residents May Repeal Pit Bull Ban

UPDATE: On August 14, 2012, Miami-Dade voters chose to continue their 23-years long history of breed discrimination by u[more]

Maryland Court Ruling: All Pit Bulls Are “Inherently Vicious”

A Maryland Court of Appeals decision regarding pit bulls has many dog owners and rescue groups outraged. The ruling stat[more]

Breed Specific Legislation and Breed Identification

The Dogington Post believes breed specific legislation is a bad idea even for purebreds.  It becomes downright impracti[more]

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All About Mutts
Westminster: It’s Not Just For Purebred Dogs Anymore!

For nearly 140 years, the Westminster Kennel Club has closed its doors to mutts, focusing only on the conformation, phys[more]

Extreme Jumpy: Watch This Talented Pup Perform 20 Tricks in 1 Minute!

His name is Jumpy, and he’s one of the most talented dogs we’ve ever seen! Trained by his owner, Miami dog t[more]

Calling All Mutts! Could Your Dog Be The Next ‘Benji’?

In 1974, Joe Camp wrote, directed, and produced an amazing movie about a stray dog named Benji that helped to rescue 2 k[more]

Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America

If you’ve ever wondered about all the non-purebred pooches left out by the American Kennel Club, you’ll be h[more]

Are Mutts Healthier Than Purebreds?

With the majority of our canine companions NOT being purebred, it’s nice to know the advantages of mixed-breeds or[more]

Dog Show News
VIDEO: The World’s Ugliest Dog is Crowned

It was a fierce competition, but a winner was finally crowned in the World’s Ugliest Dog competition held at at t[more]

Westminster ‘Best in Show’ Hopeful Saves Owner’s Life

He may not have won the big title yet, but this Doberman Pinscher named Troy is already a fan favorite in the upcoming W[more]

History of the Westminster Dog Show

When the Westminster Kennel Club held their very first dog show in 1877, they couldn’t possibly have imagined the [more]

Fun Facts about the Westminster Dog Show

In 1877, a group of sporting gentlemen gathered in a Manhattan bar and formed the Westminster Kennel Club. Now in its 13[more]

Meet Fun People At a Dog Show

Have you been to a dog show? If not, make it a point to put this activity on your schedule because you are going to be e[more]


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