Puppy Health
Tips To Avoid Puppy Mill Dogs

We have all read the very sad stories about the proliferation of puppy mills. For those who are unaware of what this ter[more]

How to Take Your Dog’s Temperature

When your dog is feeling ill or acting out of sorts, it sometimes necessary to find out whether or not he’s got a feve[more]

Soothing Your Teething Puppy

Around the age of 12 weeks, puppies start to lose their baby teeth. During this point in time, their gums may likely bec[more]

Infographic: How to Perform Puppy CPR

Knowing how to perform CPR in an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. But, CPR on puppies is quite [more]

All about Canine Kennel Cough

Tracheobronchitis or Bordetella, more commonly known as kennel cough, is a highly transmissible respiratory ailment in d[more]

Cleft Palate in Dogs Used to Be a Death Sentence

Does your dog have a cleft palate? This palate is the upper part of your dog’s mouth between the teeth. The front part[more]

How to give newborn pups a head start

There are many ways to give newborn pups a head start in life so they are able to grow into well-developed dogs. In this[more]

It's Poison to Dogs
Dog Dangers: Common OTC Medications that are Poisoning Our Pets

Most owners of a dog with allergies, either seasonal or skin-related, are all too familiar with the redness, itching, an[more]

Tylenol-Stuffed Sausages Found in Baltimore Backyards

Dog owners in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore are on high alert since a resident discovered several pieces of pois[more]

The Sago Palm: Beautiful and Deadly to Your Dog

A wildly popular plant found in the yards of southern states and warmer climates, the Sago Palm is potentially deadly to[more]

Keep These Plants Away from your Dog!

Houseplants generally serve a number of favorable functions. They not only give visual interest to our home, but also se[more]

Kansas Veterinarians Warn Residents of Intentional Dog Poisoning

The Potwin Pet Clinic and other veterinarians and clinics in Topeka, Kansas are urging local residents to use caution wh[more]

Common Purse & Pocket Items That Can Poison Your Dog

Have you ever left an open handbag sitting on the coffee table or the floor? Have you ever emptied the contents of your [more]

Toxic Dog Foods

Contrary to what many dog owners think, their pooch is not a four legged garbage disposal for table scraps. While we all[more]

Veterinary Health
Top Ten Signs of Canine Heart Disease

When it comes to canine heart disease, early diagnosis and timely treatment can make all the crucial difference in your [more]

Is My Dog Having A Seizure?

Because a lot of dog owners do not fully understand how seizures affect animals and how to identify them, they often mis[more]

Your Dog’s Health: Heartworms Explained

Once an ailment mostly targeting dogs in hot, humid areas or those that spent a lot of time in the woods, heartworm dise[more]

Healing a Wound With Canine Acupuncture, A Case Study

The following guest post was written for The Dogington Post by Dr. Michel Selmer, DVM, a practicing veterinarian and can[more]

Life With a Dog: Easy Ways to Save on Vet Bills

Parenting a dog requires a great deal of commitment – and expense. Not only does your pooch need your time and att[more]

How to Treat an Overheated Dog

With the official start of summer just around the corner, many areas of the country are already heating up! Dogs, in gen[more]

Determining A Dog’s Age

There are many reasons why it’s important to know a dog’s age. From the type of diet he should be eating, to[more]

My Dog Ate Onion – What Now?

There are many kinds of food that humans eat which are unsafe for dogs. Onions are not an exception. Feeding your pooch [more]

Causes and Treatments for a Dog’s Weak Bladder

There are several causes and treatments for a dog’s weak bladder. Does your dog appear to have a weak bladder? Fir[more]

Spay and Neutering Facts

Whether you are a first time dog owner or an old hand who has “parented” several dogs, there is one decision[more]

How To Know Your Dog Is Sick

The health of your dog is very dependent on you as his or her owner. They look to us for not only food, water, and love,[more]

New Hope When Canine Cancer Strikes

All living things are vulnerable to cancer, but now there is new hope when canine cancer strikes. When this happens, our[more]

Past Arguments About Whether Dogs Feel Pain

Were you aware that there have been many heated past arguments about whether dogs feel pain? I wasn’t until some r[more]

Doggy Ear Infections: Treatment & Prevention

Every canine has a natural concentration of bacteria and yeast growth in their ears. However, if this particular balance[more]

Are Dogs Completely Color Blind?

Are Dogs Completely Color Blind? Most people think that dogs cannot see colors or are color blind – but this is not tr[more]

Senior Dogs
Senior Dogs: Young At Heart

When thinking about dog adoption, many people imagine bringing home a furry, spanking new little pooch to grow up with t[more]

Ten Early Warning Signs of Canine Cancer

Cancer essentially refers to an uncontrolled cell growth on or in the body. It may either be localized, or invade neighb[more]

Help Your Aging Buddy!

Unfortunately, the problems and infirmities of old age, such as arthritis, catch up with our canine buddy as easily as t[more]

Bringing a New Puppy Into Your Old Dog’s Home

Many people who are faced with losing their old pal opt to bring a new puppy home to ease the sorrow they know they’ll[more]

What’s the True Age Of Your Pooch?

Most people have heard one human year equals seven years for a dog. Is this factual or merely an old wives tale? Today w[more]

Considering The High Points of Medical Marijuana For Dogs

Marijuana is once again a hot button issue. With the recent legalization in Washington and Colorado, several more states[more]

Helping Soothe Your Senior Dog’s Aching Joints

Arthritis, also called as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, is found to be one of the most widespread health[more]

Improve Your Senior Dog’s Life

Senior dogs have only a few more years or months to live, so it is our duty as the owner to make sure that they live a h[more]

It’s Time: Making the Tough Decision to Let Your Dog Go

One of the most difficult things you will ever face in life is How and When to Deal With the Euthanasia of Your Dog. Kee[more]

A Dog’s Death – Tips for the Owner’s Healing Process

Every dog lover who has spent many years with his canine buddy will definitely feel a sense of loss when this buddy exit[more]

All about Canine Cataracts

Canine cataracts are basically a developed opacity in the eye lens of a dog resulting in blurry vision. If a cataract is[more]

How to Cope When Your Dog Dies

The emotional pain of losing a dog is just as strong, and just as real, as the emotional pain we suffer when we lose a [more]

The Basics of Senior Dog Care

The basics of senior dog care become a necessity that we must educate ourselves about as our dogs get older. Dogs age to[more]

Exercise Tips for Senior Dogs

Since older dogs have already outlived their youthful, or “prime” years, some of their body parts and functi[more]

How to Diagnose Dog Deafness or Blindness

Ailments in our dogs can be quite hard to diagnose, so here are some tips on how to diagnose dog deafness or blindness. [more]

Home Remedies and Homeopathy
Dealing with Your Dog’s Seasonal Allergies

Spring is finally upon us! And with it, seasonal allergies… Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only ones faced[more]

Doggie Massage Basics

One of the fastest growing fields in dog healthcare is animal massage. The controlled, soothing touch not only help give[more]

Flower Essences For Health and Behavior Problems With Dogs

Like in homeopathy, flower essences for dogs are among the most widespread natural remedies used in effectively treating[more]

How to Help a Dog with an Upset Stomach

Just like us, dogs can also get an upset stomach. Some of the most common symptoms that you should watch out for include[more]

Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

Reverse sneezing, also known as Pharyngeal Gag Reflex or Paroxysmal Respiration, is a relatively widespread respiratory [more]

4 Essential Products You Need In Your Pet First Aid Kit

Whether you’re taking your dog on an outdoor adventure like hiking or camping, a simple walk around the neighborho[more]

3 Simple Stretches to Keep Your Pup Limber

There are generally three parts of your pooch’s body for which stretching becomes particularly useful – the shoulder[more]

Adding Fiber to Your Dog’s Diet

Have you ever considered adding fiber to your dog’s diet? Like me, you have probably heard of all the benefits to us h[more]

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dogs

There are many benefits of coconut oil for dogs being discovered for dogs, even though it was not recommended in the pas[more]

Basic Doggie Massage Techniques

Do you think your pooch appears edgy and taut lately? Maybe even kind of cranky? If so, why don’t you give him a relax[more]

Treating Doggie Bug Bites and Bee Stings

If you have a curious pooch that loves to snoop around, then it’s very likely that you will face bug bites and bee sti[more]

7 Hot Ideas for Keeping Dog Cool this Summer

Whether you’re soothing your pups itchy skin with oatmeal from the kitchen cupboard, fending off fleas with lemon-[more]

Preventing and Treating Ear Mites

Preventing ear mites is a common doggy issue we all must stay on top of. The good news is detecting the presence of ear [more]

Aromatherapy for Pets: Make Dogs Happy, Healthy and Smell Nice, Too!

Aromatherapy is quite common in the human world, but did you know dogs can benefit from it, too? Dogington Post asked Da[more]

Caring For Paw Pads

Caring for your dog’s paw pads is a normal part of taking good care of your loved dog. As he or she engages in physica[more]


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