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Is Katie Holmes Replacing Tom Cruise With a Puppy?

Anyone that’s ever suffered a loss in their life knows that a dog is almost magical at filling that void. Could Katie Holmes be filling Tom Cruise’s place in the family with a new puppy?

This Saturday, the Batman Returns star took her daughter, Suri, to a pricey-puppy store in Manhattan. The pet shop attendant pulled two puppies for Katie and Suri to see – a French Bulldog and a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix). But, the newly single-mom left (with a sobbing Suri in tow) without purchasing a puppy.

The starlet’s visit to the posh puppy store has animal activists and pro-adoption advocates up in arms. Radar Online reported that North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue organization, has invited the former Mrs. Cruise and Suri to visit their adoption center and give a homeless dog a loving home, rather than purchasing from a pet store, an act that perpetuates the puppy mill business.

New York based North Shore Animal League is asking Katie Holmes to follow their motto, “adopt a pet, save a life.”

Puppies purchased from pet stores are typically bought from puppy mills. If people stop purchasing from pet stores, these stores will stop offering puppies for sale, and puppy mills will go out of business. Many healthy puppies – even purebreds – are available for adoption at rescues around the country. Or, if Katie insists on buying from a breeder, she should find a reputable one that takes care of their breeding dogs, only breeds healthy lines, and only places their pups in loving homes. A reputable breeder will never sell their puppies to a pet store, as they insist on knowing where their dogs’ offspring spend their lives.




  1. Earl

    Oct 18, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    I wish she would adopt me.

  2. tIM

    Jul 22, 2012 at 11:20 pm


    I will not debate puppy mills versus adoptions…. but I will say.. great parents take the time to help their children by their endevours, especially if created by the parents….. great parents do that anyway… this article shows that Katie was such a parent and I respect here efforts immensely….. those who try to turn this into a you should do this versus that approach, like this article speaks off…. well you obviously were never a parent and/or neve cared about your child….. love is so much deeper than an article.. or the next great story.. and only those who forgot that feeling can write such rubbish.. I admire Katie for helping Suri past her loss and I pray that Tom and Katie will ensure theie great example of handling the worst time for anyone, eb=ven you, continues to show the world a better way to manage divorce… it is not our right or their oligations to tell us why things are as they are… it is our right to listen to what is presented,,,, bt heir right not to present anything… would you want any less???? I doubt it… I hope Suri enjoys the puppy or anything else that srikes the fancy…. and for Katie and Tom…. they should be honored, even if the reasons MIGHT be not so honorable…. and the reason I said that, is because, their maturity, no matter the reasons, prevented a slew of nonsense which would have occurred otherwised…. and only hurt them, the pet they wanted to help, Suri and well all of you reading this…. that is how it works… MY ADMIRATION GOES OUT TO BOTH OF THEM AND SURI – think about things before you believe the tabloids – They have always been GOOD PEOPLE – don’t let others make them something different in this time of their need….. SUPPORT THEM… since something tells me they helped you when you needed it, at least once in your life time…. return the positive energy now… when they need your respect the most…. and if for no other reason… than just being a decent person..

    Tim Morrell

  3. Carol

    Jul 20, 2012 at 4:58 pm

    at least the puppy will love her unconditionally, not be a control freak and give her the love she needs…good luck Katie!

  4. Royce Wayland

    Jul 20, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    In the last 40 years my family has owned five dogs. I agree with the anti puppy mill sentiment and really just became aware of it a few years ago. Since two of the aforementioned dogs came from pet stores they possibly came from puppy mills, but the truth is they were wonderful dogs and were well trained easily. One of the five dogs, a purebred Wheaten, came from the humane society and was a great dog that came to us pretty well trained. We acquired another Wheaten fifteen years later after the first one died this second Wheaten we still have, he came as a six month old from a family that could not deal with the Wheaten exuberance. I would recommend rescue dogs since the process saves a dog’s life and the reward last for many years.

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