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The Dog Ate My Masters Tickets!


For Seattle dog owner and golf lover, Russ Berkman, excitement turned to shock when he discovered his Swiss Mountain Dog, Sierra had eaten the 4 tickets Berkman won in an online lottery to attend to the Masters at Augusta National Golf Course.

Berkman said in an interview with KJR Radio, “When I walked in the house, I noticed there was a few strings on my hard wood floors that appeared to be the strings on my Masters tickets.” Panicked, Berkman called his girlfriend who suggested he force the dog to vomit. He fed Sierra hydrogen peroxide, and 10 minutes later began the arduous task of piecing together the over 80 pieces of the highly sought after tickets that the dog threw up.

After re-assembling the tickets as best he could, Berkman called Augusta and explained the situation, providing them with photos of his gooey, chewed up tickets. Officials at the Masters ticket office were kind enough to replace the 4 tickets and Berkman attended the once-in-a-lifetime event on Wednesday.

We’re guessing he’ll be putting important tickets in a safe, dog-proof place from now on!

Has your dog ever eaten something really important to you? Did you get it back? We’d love to hear your stories!


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