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Adopt a Racing Greyhound & Get a Wonderful Dog

adopt a racing Greyhound

Adopt a racing Greyhound and get a wonderful dog! Within an hour drive of where I used to live is a well-known dog racing track. Several years ago a story was written about the fate of many Greyhounds who had become too old for racing. This unhappy story led to outrage in the community, and…

Kiss Me, I’m Irish! Meet 7 Popular Irish Dog Breeds


Whether it’s the luck of the Irish or the magical powers of the leprechaun, some of the greatest dog breeds stem from the Emerald Isle. For St. Patrick’s Day, take a moment to honor these 7 popular Irish dog breeds.         1. The Irish Setter: This energetic and intelligent Sporting group dog…

Need Help With My Border Collie Who Has Hard Time Walking

Dear Dr. Chris, I have a senior border collie I rescued at the age of 10. To my best knowledge she is now 16. Her back legs will not support her well enough to poop. I have been trying to hold her for support but she will not let me yet. I work and have…

The Truth About Puppy Mills & Pet Stores


It’s hard to imagine, when you see an adorable, healthy-looking puppy peering back at you through the glass of your local pet store, where that four-legged furball came from. The truth is, almost all puppies sold in retail pet stores around the country are the product of puppy mills. Puppy mills are essentially a factory…

What IS a Puggle?


So what in the doggy world is a Puggle? This is one of the growing “breeds” of designer canines achieved by cross breeding a purebred Beagle with a pure bred Pug. The popularity of this unique canine has become all the rage with dog owners, and for many good reasons. The fine characteristics of both…

Pembroke Welsh Corgis at Risk for Extinction

Despite being the Queen of England’s favorite dog, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi may be at risk for eventual extinction in its native country. As small, trendy “purse dogs” like the Chihuahua and the French Bulldog rise in popularity in Great Britain, once popular native breeds like the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are declining – in both…

The Loveable Cairn Terrier


The American Kennel Club lists many different breeds of terrier dogs. One of these terriers that many people are discovering is a perfect match for their life style, plus being a great family dog, is the loveable Cairn terrier. Originating in Scotland, as so many other terrier breeds can lay claim to as the country…

Different Needs Of Small Breeds


Do you own a large breed of dog and a small breed also? If you do, then you already know small dog breeds have slightly different needs than the large dog in the home. Let’s take a look at what these different needs are, and how you can meet them for the pint size pooch…

The Lovable Shih-Tzu


Many people worldwide consider the loveable Shih-Tzu breed to be the best small dog to own. A very strong case can be made for this statement because of all the great qualities this breed exhibits. Let’s take a deeper look into why so many dog owners feel this way concerning the Shih-Tzu. The Shih-Tzu breed…

The Collie Is a Great Family Dog


Looking for a dog to add to your happy home? If so you may want to take a look at the Collie breed because the Collie is a great family dog for a wide variety of reasons. When people think about this breed there is one famous Collie that immediately pops up. Lassie from the…

Common Small Dog Health Issues


Toy and small dog breeds are very popular as loving pets for many people. I own two of the smaller breeds and have always enjoyed their spunky attitudes and loyalty. Because your dog is small does not mean they are immune to health problems often associated with larger breeds. In fact, small dog health issues…

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