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Dogs GO WILD for Alaska Salmon

Dogs all over the country are going wild because of one man’s passion for dogs coupled with his personal motivation to stop practicing law. 14 years ago, Brett Gibson was in his kitchen in Anchorage, Alaska, cleaning three Sockeye salmon he had just caught in the Russian River and feeding the scraps to his boxer,…

Want to Help Your Local Shelter? Here’s How!

shelter dogs

One great way to lend a hand for animals in need is offering your free time at your community animal rescue organization or shelter. Here, you don’t need to be a pet expert to help out at the facility. All you have to do is to volunteer your time and have the desire to do…

How to Help a Shelter Dog When You Can’t Adopt


There are numerous reasons why dog lovers may not able to adopt a rescue dog. However immensely they desire to take home every pup in every animal shelter, they just can’t. It’s either their landlord does not allow pets, they tend to spend too many long hours at work, or simply because they have allergies….

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Paying a Walker


Most people are so busy with their jobs, kids, and other tasks the day is over before they realize the dog needs to go for a walk. If you fall into this group forget about feeling bad as we have the solution for you: pay a qualified dog walker to exercise the pooch while you…

Turn Your Love of Dogs Into an Income! Start a Dog Walking or Pet-Sitting Business

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to build a successful business doing something they love. If you’re one of the 43.3 million dog owners in America, starting a dog walking or a pet-sitting business might be just the job you’ve always dreamed of. And, in addition to being a fun and active endeavor, dog walking and pet-sitting…

Advantages Of Professional Sitters


Have you used a professional dog sitter in the past? If not, we will discuss the advantages of this service and the effects on your dog in this article. When most people need someone to take care of their dog while they are away on vacation, business, or just gone for a few days family…

Dressing the World, One Dog at a Time


It all started with a love of dogs, fueled by a passion for fashion. A Kansas City dog collar designer sat down with Dogington Post to share her success story. “I won’t bore you with the familiar old excuse that I couldn’t find anything cute enough for my dog so I started making my own,”…

How to Start a Dog Walking Business


Have you thought about investing in a profitable business that not only allows you to have fun but to spend some time outdoors while you play and walk with your favorite four-legged friends? The pet industry is huge and getting bigger and more lucrative every year. Because dog walking is one popular facet of this…

Pet Insurance: Are You Prepared to Pay a $4,000 Vet Bill?


Would you be able to pay a $4,000 vet bill if your dog had an emergency today? If you don’t want to choose between going into debt or putting your dog to sleep, consider pet insurance. Insurance only costs about $1 per day for a dog. A much better value than our own health insurance!…

10 Careers For Dog Lovers


It’s not surprising that many dog lovers imagine themselves in a career working with dogs. If you cherish the fun and exciting company of canines, then you’re lucky to have several dog-related job options that will not only help you make a living, but give you the chance to work with the pet you adore…

Want a Perfect Vacation For Your Dog?

Want a Perfect Vacation For Your Dog?

In 2011, the USA was noted for having the highest spending pet owners in the world, with almost $51 billion spent according to a report in the Associated Press. I mean, many dogs nowadays get a lot of comfort and are treated like humans themselves, with toys, good food, clothes, and even air-conditioned dog houses….

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