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VIDEO: These Clever Dogs Found the Ice Cube Jackpot!


Four very clever 6-month old Golden Retrievers have hit the ice cube jackpot! They’ve already got a system down – a couple take turns pushing on the ice dispenser button while the others wait for cubes to hit the floor – all while their human laments, “I never have ice anymore.” (BOL!)

Hero Pit Bull Saves Deaf Teen From Devastating House Fire

An Indianapolis family is hugging the family dog, a 2-year old Pit Bull named Ace, a little closer today after he came to the rescue of his teenaged deaf human when their home caught fire. 13-year old Nick Lamb was home alone on Wednesday afternoon when the home caught fire. Nick, who is deaf, had…

Malnourished Dog Abandoned at Denver Airport

Denver International Airport officials are trying to determine who brought a dog to the 6th level passenger drop-off area, tied her up, and left her there. Airport employees found the dog on Thursday wearing a collar and leash, but no identification or microchip. They took the very thin, malnourished dog inside, fed her white rice…

VIDEO: Puppy is BFF’s with Baby Cheetah

It’s not likely you’ll find a more adorable pair of unlikely best buddies than Raina, a 7-week old Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy and Ruuxa, a 6-week old cheetah cub! According to the San Diego Zoo‘s blog,  Ruuxa, after being rejected by her mother and hand-raised by zookeepers, was chosen to be raised as an animal ambassador…

Hero Firefighter Saves Dog With CPR

An Addison, Texas firefighter is being hailed a hero after going far above and beyond to save a lifeless little dog. Yvette Childers was driving to work when her RV caught fire, igniting all her worldly possessions, including her most precious of all, her 1-year old Chihuahua named Pony. Within mere minutes, the entire RV…

Home Depot Employees Build Wheelchair for Paralyzed Pup

A couple of Home Depot employees became angels in orange aprons when they went above and beyond to give a paralyzed pup a little bit of freedom. Last month, Rebecca Pierce dropped off her spunky, energetic Rat Terrier, Wally, to be boarded in her veterinarian’s kennel service. A few days later when she came to pick…

VIDEO: Dog Drinking in Slow Motion is Amazing!


This close-up, slow-motion video of a dog drinking water is simply amazing! Did you know they drink like this? Footage from “Secret Life of Dogs.” An Alsatian drinking water filmed with Phantom camera at 1000fps.

VIDEO: This Dog is Super Excited About Dinner Time!


I’ll admit it, I get a little excited when I know dinner is on the way. But this adorable Italian Greyhound has taken excitement to a whole new level! (Is it just me, or is his human taking way too long! Hurry up already!)

Surprising New Tools to Combat Child Pornography: Dogs!

For years, dogs have been trained in scent detection. From search and rescue dogs that find survivors after disaster, to cancer-sniffing dogs, and service dogs trained to detect deadly allergens, dogs’ exceptional olfactories combined with their ability to communicate with us makes them perfect for scent detection. Now, dogs are being used in a new…

VIDEO: Dog is Amazed by Newborn Kittens


It’s his first time seeing a newborn kitten, and this dog is mesmerized! How would your four-leggers react to a squirming, tiny baby kitten?

Miley’s Tribute Tattoo for Floyd

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus is crazy for dogs – who can blame her! So, when the pop singer lost her beloved Alaskan Klee Kai last April, reportedly to a coyote attack, the heartbroken star found a way to memorialize her boy, with ink! Cyrus and several friends got matching Floyd tattoos during a…

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