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VIDEO: Dog Drinking in Slow Motion is Amazing!


This close-up, slow-motion video of a dog drinking water is simply amazing! Did you know they drink like this? Footage from “Secret Life of Dogs.” An Alsatian drinking water filmed with Phantom camera at 1000fps.

Surprising New Tools to Combat Child Pornography: Dogs!

For years, dogs have been trained in scent detection. From search and rescue dogs that find survivors after disaster, to cancer-sniffing dogs, and service dogs trained to detect deadly allergens, dogs’ exceptional olfactories combined with their ability to communicate with us makes them perfect for scent detection. Now, dogs are being used in a new…

VIDEO: Dog is Amazed by Newborn Kittens


It’s his first time seeing a newborn kitten, and this dog is mesmerized! How would your four-leggers react to a squirming, tiny baby kitten?

VIDEO: The Amazing (& Surprising!) Benefits of Swimming with Your Dog

Summer heat has us all thinking about fun and safe ways to stay cool with our dogs. Let’s not compare misery, but I live in Houston. The heat here is wet, as in “step outside and take a nice hot sip of air.” The thing is, I’m also a dog trainer and self-professed behavior geek….

VIDEO: Golden Retriever REALLY Loves Watching the World Cup!


Georges is one sports-loving Golden Retriever! Here he is now, watching the 2014 World Cup – and definitely keeping his eye on that ball! Georges’ owner says he watches the games for hours and doesn’t care who wins or loses, as long as he can watch them play.

Pet Patrol Keeps an Eye Out for Pets in Hot Cars

The Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, a sprawling shopping mall in Ontario, is finally doing something about dogs in hot cars. After a successful pilot last summer, Vaughan Mills established their Pet Patrol program. Active during extreme weather days, Pet Patrol officers are positioned in pairs at each main entrance to the mall. A total of ten…

VIDEO: Buddy the Dog Teaches Baby Crawling Lessons


After a few minutes of watching his baby human sister trying to get the hang of it, Buddy, a Jack Russell terrier mix, takes matters into his own paws – and shows her how to crawl!

Dog Lost in Tahoe National Forest for 2 Years Finally Found

Murphy, a 5-year old Golden Retriever, disappeared during his family’s camping trip in 2012. After missing for 20 months, the thin, frail dog was finally found and returned to her family. Nathan and Erin Braun were camping in the Tahoe National Forest in October of 2012 when they became separated from their dog. Despite an extensive…

VIDEO: Blind Dog Sees His Family for the First Time

Duffy, an 8-year old Irish Terrier, lost his eyesight to diabetes. “Within about 3-5 months he went from a totally normal 8-year-old dog to a dog who was completely blind,” his owner, Benjamin May, explained on Reddit. ”It broke my heart seeing this dog I grew up with … running into things, not being able to recognize…

PAW-SOME VIDEO: Pitbull and Deer Become Fast Friends


Meet Zeke, a Pitbull, and his newest running buddy – a deer! This unlikely pair became fast friends, apparently bonding over their love for speed! Zeke’s mom, Margaret says the deer came back to the fence two more times that day to play! Simply awesome.

Service Dog Gets Pictured in the School Yearbook


For the past four years, Taxi, a service dog, has been by 7th-grader Rachel Benke’s side. That includes sitting in every class with her at school, so it’s only fitting that Taxi get his own spot in the school yearbook! Taxi, a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix, was never able to complete the guide dog training program…

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