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How to Keep Fido from Eating Too Fast


It can be rather frustrating when feeding your pooch is more like tossing raw chicken at a starving alligator. Bear in mind that the faster Fido eats, the less he chews, which can result in choking. When he races through his food, he is also swallowing a very large amount of air that can lead…

Finding the Right Dog Food: What to Avoid

Choosing the right food for your dog can be a daunting task. Many of us have found ourselves overwhelmed standing in the pet food aisle, staring down a long line of bags, boxes, and cans, all promising to provide the very best and complete nutrition for our pets. In an industry that is highly under-regulated,…

Infographic: 7 Summertime Treats That Could Hurt Your Dog

Keep safe and stay cool this summer with Ralph’s 7 Summertime Treats that could hurt your dog:

The Truth About Organic Dog Food


Before recommending and encouraging readers to feed organic dog food to their pets, it’s important to understand what exactly IS organic dog food. While it should be held to strict manufacturing guidelines, dog food is highly under-regulated. Anyone can basically put anything into a bag, label it “Healthy Dog Food” and rake in the profits…

This Canine Joint Supplement is Made (& Sourced!) Entirely in the USA!


When we made the shocking discovery last year that canine supplements are overwhelmingly made in China, we set out on a mission to find the safest, most effective canine joint supplement that is made in the USA, using only USA-sourced ingredients. We spoke with supplement manufacturers from all over the country. Most of them told…

Guest Post: “Purina’s Beneful Poisoned My Dogs”

by Caroline Ashford This week I spoke with a man who alleges that his dog nearly died from the food he was feeding. He told me the story of what happened to him, and provided two videos; one that shows his dog while being fed Purina’s Beneful dry dog food, and another video taken after…

BREAKING: Petco to Discontinue Selling All Pet Treats from China

Petco today announced it will stop carrying China-made dog and cat treats at its more than 1,300 store locations nationwide, including Unleashed by Petco stores and online at, by the end of 2014. The move makes Petco the first national pet specialty retailer to take this step in support of the health and well-being…

The Supplement Industry Is Lying To You: Your Dogs May Be In Danger

Herbal supplements are a $5 billion a year industry in America where they’re promised to do everything from calming anxiety, to easing aching joints, to fighting the common cold. Despite FDA warnings that herbal supplements are unproven and not guaranteed to work, Americans continue to purchase, and swear by, their efficacy. But, new DNA evidence…

Pancreatitis in Dogs


Pancreatitis in dogs generally is a painful, serious canine disease that can crop up all of a sudden. Although the exact cause of this condition remains unknown, it appears to be most common in middle-aged pooches, probably more in females as compared to males, which are overweight and usually follows a high-fat diet. For some…

The Truth About Pet Food Allergies


One of the common problems that dog owners face in caring for their dogs is a food allergy. While some people immediately panic if they see their pets start itching, others seem to show no apprehension at all. To help you make more informed decisions about the kind of food to give your pooch, study…

A Guide to Giving Treats

Giving your dog a treat is a fun way to reward and reinforce good behavior. Treats are a superior alternative to feeding your dog everyday table scraps. They can be used to help establish a trusting and loving relationship with a new dog or reinforce your existing bond. They are an enormous help when training….

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