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Dealing With Matted Dog Hair


We brush our hair daily, usually several times a day, and so should we be brushing our dog’s coat of hair. Below are several easy tips for dealing with matted dog hair and how to eliminate this problem for long hair pooches. I know with the busy lives we lead it is not always possible…

Grooming Tips For a Happy Pooch


There are many reasons why keeping your dog well groomed is a good idea. First among these is the dog will feel better if he or she does not look like a shaggy wild thing covered in matted hair, and full of fleas and ticks., And, can walk or run easily because their toe nails…

Large Dog Basic Grooming Tips


Let’s be honest: bathing and grooming a Chihuahua is quite different then bathing and grooming a large dog such as a St. Bernard. If you own a large dog breed I am not saying anything you are not already aware of. Special grooming supplies are needed and many times these cannot be purchased locally. Your…

A Good Schedule For Grooming


Below are several good reasons why all canines should have a good schedule for grooming. Some dogs require less grooming due to naturally shorter and straight hair. However, all dogs require certain basic grooming needs to maintain health and happiness. The good news is most if not all these grooming tasks can be done by…

Easy Dog Care and Grooming Tips


Is old Teddy looking a bit rough around the edges? If so we have a few simple dog care and grooming tips even the most inexperienced dog owner can use to give Teddy a salon fresh look. Not only will he feel better, he will be healthier as well. And you are sure to like…

All About Your Dog’s Dewclaws


Dewclaws, also known as a dog’s thumb, refers to a vestigial digit found on the foot of most mammals, reptiles, and birds. It normally grows high on the animal’s leg in digitigrade species (digitigrade refers to an animal that walks on its toes, not touching the ground with its heels, like a dog, cat, or…

Cleaning Up a Dirty Issue Surrounding Dog Adoption


October is National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, a time when dog adoption rates are historically low. To help clean out America’s shelters, two pet industry leaders, Wahl and Petfinder Foundation, are addressing a dirty issue about pet adoption, and in the process giving thousands of shelter dogs a fresh start. “Grooming is important to…

Tips on Grooming Your Furball

Tips on Grooming

Is your shaggy hound looking, well, shaggy? If so, he or she will feel and look better with a bit of TLC. The following tips on grooming your pup can be applied to all dogs, so give your wonderful companion a little pampering and see how much better you both will feel. Tips on grooming…

Grooming Tips For Your Golden Retriever

Grooming Tips For Your Golden Retriever

Do you own a Golden Retriever or are you planning to get one? Then this article with grooming tips for your Golden Retriever is for you. The Golden is an excellent breed that is a perfect hunting partner. Not only that, but they have an exquisite appearance, are great with children, and make an excellent…

VIDEO: Save Money – Make Safe, Quality Dog Shampoo


Although there are plenty of safe, dog-friendly commercial shampoos available for our four-legged little companions, there are still some dog owners who prefer making their own. Preparing your own doggie shampoo is quite easy, and the homemade version often costs much less than the commercial products you see in the marketplace. Plus, in addition to…

Spring Cleaning Your Dog’s Coat


Now the weather is warming, it is a good time to think about spring cleaning your dog’s coat.  While you’re at it, you might as well give your dog a complete grooming.  If you’ve kept up with regular brushing through the winter, your primary task will be to make sure any loose undercoat is brushed…

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