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Dog Escapes Kennel at LAX, Darts Across Runway


Just before 7:30pm last night, while waiting on the tarmac to be boarded onto his plane, a large brown Boxer escaped his kennel and took off across two runways, delaying two flights before finally being captured by airport personnel. The dog, who must have been terribly confused and frightened, was kenneled for a flight from…

Safety Tips For Hiking


There is a lot of enjoyment for dog owners and their dogs when going for a hike in the forests. I love to watch how my dogs run to investigate each new spot as they romp playfully through the woods. However, you do need to take a few precautions when hiking with your dog. Below…

Infographic: What You Must Know to Safely Travel With Your Dog


In any state across the country, traveling with a small child that isn’t properly restrained is illegal – but only New Jersey carries these same laws for pets. Did you know that 98% of dogs aren’t properly restrained during travel? Not only is this unsafe for you, the driver, but your dog faces injury if…

Fido-Friendly Vacations

For many dog owners, dogs have almost, if not already, taken the place of kids in our lives. In fact, as discovered by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the percentage of families with pets in the US is actually double that of those with children. We love pampering our pets, bragging about them, and even…

Flying With Your Pooch


Before you show up at the airport with your dog in tow it would be wise to do a bit of research so traveling on an airplane with your dog goes as smoothly as the flight. All airlines have a common set of rules concerning pets flying, but there the similarity ends, so before booking…

Crash-Tests Show 100% Failure Rate on Dog Restraint Harnesses

The Center for Pet Safety (CPS) a non-profit research and advocacy organization dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety, performed a series of crash-tests to determine the level of protection that vehicle restraint harnesses provided to the dogs wearing them. The results of these first-of-its-kind tests proved discouraging. Not a single harness passed the tests….

Secrets to Traveling with your Small Dog


The following Guest Post comes to you from Spencer, a Yorkshire Terrier and self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Small Dog Travel.” Spencer has traveled the world with his dog parent and companion, Susan Gilbert, and has all the tips and tricks you’ll need when traveling with a small dog. Please visit Spencer’s blog at and LIKE…

Airline Oops! Dog Mistakenly Sent to Ireland Instead of Arizona


An English Springer Spaniel has now clocked in more airline miles and international travel than many Americans, thanks to a major mistake by airline employees that loaded the dog onto a plane bound for Ireland, rather than the one headed to his home state of Arizona. 6-year old Hendrix was scheduled to arrive at Phoenix…

Small Dog Travel Tips and Guide

Small dog travel tips

Dog owners like to travel just like people who do not have a dog. So for those with a small doggy, these small dog travel tips and guide should help ensure your travels with doggy in tow go smoothly and hassle free. Small Dog Travel Tips and Guide Before leaving your home there are a…

Planning a Road Trip with Your Dog


Before embarking on a road trip with your pooch, it is crucial that you have done all the necessary planning to make the journey both fun and safe for your dog. About a month before the scheduled outing, make sure you’ve already secured your dog’s ID tag with his name on it as well as…

Flying With Your Small Dog for the Holidays? You Need the Right Carrier!

Petmate Curvations Underseat Traveler

Many pet parents will be traveling for the holidays this year and bringing their furkids with them! As much as we despise referring to our precious pets as luggage, if they’re small enough to fit into a carrier under the seat, most airlines will allow them to ride in the cabin with you when you…

Joyful Dog
Smart Dog


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