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The Story of Dogs And Passover

The holiday of Passover starts on Monday night.  Jewish homes all over the world are busy cleaning and scouring to remove all traces of leaven. Observant Jews even change their dogs food to make sure that it contains no leaven. (Hint: Click here for the 2014 Definitive Kosher for Passover Dog Food List) Did you…

Netflix Announces Season Three of ‘House of Dogs’

When season two ended in House of Dogs, Frank Underwoof had just replaced Bo as the First Dog. His behind the scenes maneuvering tricked Bo into ordering dog food from China. Bo’s number one supporter, Mr. Fang from China concealed from Bo the source of the dog food.  Naively trusting his good friend, Raydog Tusk,…

Should Dogs Have A LinkedIn Profile?

Hey it’s Ralph. Are you on LinkedIn? I’m not. But because I’m special, I thought I needed a LinkedIn profile. I hope a lot of people want to connect with me…and give me lots of food. Do you think anyone will care if I have four legs? Just thinking out loud. Ralph

Four Legged New Years Resolutions


Hey everyone, it’s Ralph and I’m getting ready for New Years. Happy 14,098 (that’s 2014 in Dog Years). Everyone is making New Year’s Resolutions and I thought I add my own to the mix. So here we go: 1. I resolve to resist the temptation to stop snacking.  I know there is a lot of…

Best Low Calorie Dog Treat For Dogs With Diabetes

Have you taken a look at the medical statistics? More and more people are getting diabetes. The reason is simple. People are eating too much and exercising too little. Well recently, diabetes has been spreading among dogs. And the reason is simple once again: People and feeding their dogs too much and giving them too…

Do You Have Time To Rub My Belly?

Everyone is so busy all the time. They have appointments to make and appointments to keep. And everyone is running late all the time. So what happens if you are late? Do they not feed you or something? “Oh no. I’m going to be late.” Late Shmate. You need to slow down and rub my…

The Cutest Puppy Video Will Make You Cry

Have you ever heard of Swimmer Puppy Syndrome. We didn’t. But watch this video and discover the story of a heroic pup.

So God Made A Dog

People have called this one of the best and sweetest videos of all time. Please click the LIKE link to share it with your friends and tell us what you think.

James Stewart: A Dog Named Beau

Famed actor James Stewart shared this poem on the old Jonny Carson show. Does this poem make you laugh or cry? What’s it’s message to you? Please leave your comments below.

Shocking Video of Dog Abuse – Would You Please Help?

There are no words to describe this video. Watch and then I want you to act.   video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player The Veterinarian,  Dr. Mohammad Hassan does not think this was abuse. “I was very upset when I saw the video,” said Hassan. “It does look very bad because the video was altered and…

A Dog’s Summer Reading

Every summer, I pick out a few books to read and I wanted to report back to you. First of all, I didn’t like the best selling 50 Shades of Kibble. Reading about some rich dog that liked to beat other dogs? It gave me the willies reading it. I know it’s not classy but…

Joyful Dog
Smart Dog


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