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Training Your Pooch To Swim


Contrary to popular opinion, not all dogs can swim! Some are afraid to even get in the water. Does your dog like to swim? Or is he or she unsure about going for a dip in the pool or local lake? Training a dog to swim is not very difficult and is a very healthy…

Teaching Rover To Jump Rope


Teaching our dogs to perform tricks is part of the enjoyment of owning a dog. While you may think teaching your dog to jump rope may seem like something beyond your furball’s abilities, this trick is in fact not going to be very difficult for your dog to learn. Most dogs jump as a normal…

New Exercises For Your Pooch

New exercises for your pooch

Is your dog bored with his “routine exercise routine”? You know, walking on the same street or path, tossing a favorite toy for him to bring back, or playing tug of war is eventually going to become so routine he becomes bored. If so, it is time for a few new exercises for your pooch…

VIDEO: Old Dogs CAN Learn Tricks

old malinois

I wish I knew where that adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” came from because nothing could be farther from the truth.  In fact, as this video from shows, old dogs can learn new tricks. In just six simple steps, the old labrador learns to shake hands.  But you can use…

How To Train An Old Dog


Maybe you’re thinking of adopting an old dog but are concerned that she hasn’t been trained.  Don’t buy into the old adage about not being able to “teach old dogs new tricks.”  The folks at Pet Supplies Reviews shared these great suggestions on how to train an old dog.  So don’t let lack of training…

Housebreaking An Older Dog

Looking for a toilet

There are countless reasons why a dog might pass the puppy stage without ever being housebroken. Maybe your older dog is a newly adopted stray, or perhaps he lived solely in the outdoors for the first stages of his life. Either way, housebreaking an older dog is possible. With a little patience, consistency, and these…

Joyful Dog
Smart Dog


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