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Dog Park Etiquette


If you’re fortunate enough to have a dog park in your town, congratulations! The dog park can be a wonderful place to exercise your dog, get him better socialized, and most of all have some fun! But, nothing ruins a trip to the dog park like owners who ignore dog park etiquette. In addition to…

Dog Park Dangers & How to Avoid Them


At first glance, you would think that dog parks are one of the best places for you and your pooch to be. They encourage you and your dog to get fresh air, explore, exercise, and bond with each other. With the blissful image of our four-legged companions playing and horsing around with their tails wagging,…

New Proposal Would Allow Pets on Amtrak

If a bill introduced to Congress this week is passed, pets will (once again) be allowed onboard Amtrak trains. According to ABCNews, The Pets on Trains Act of 2013 was introduced by Jeff Denham, R-Calif. and states: Amtrak will designate one car of each train where passengers may transport “a domesticated cat or dog in…

Fido-Friendly Vacations

For many dog owners, dogs have almost, if not already, taken the place of kids in our lives. In fact, as discovered by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the percentage of families with pets in the US is actually double that of those with children. We love pampering our pets, bragging about them, and even…

Dog-Friendly Hotels that Let Fido Stay for Free!


Traveling with your dog is an exciting and wonderful experience for you both – and can sometimes incur unexpected costs, especially when it comes to lodging. I’ll admit, I’ve snuck my dog in through the back door of a hotel a time or two when I couldn’t find a hotel that lets dogs stay for…

The 10 Best Big Cities to Live in With Your Dog

Ever thought of packing up and moving to the big city, but worried that your dog won’t enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle as much as you do? Well, the folks over at NerdWallet discovered the Top 10 Big Cities to Have a Dog! Using a set of calculated criteria including the number of off-leash dog parks…

Summertime Safety: Is Ocean Saltwater Safe For Dogs?


One of the best parts of summer is the warm, beach-perfect weather on the forecast. But, before you pack the beach bag, make sure you’re prepared to take care of your dog while he’s romping around in the salty seawater! While at the beach, it is important to provide your pooch fresh, clean water to…

Introducing Your Puppy to the Dog Park


Dogs are basically social animals. Aside from spending time with you, puppies also love to socialize with other pups. Dog parks can provide the ideal venue for Fido to play around and exercise with other canines in a secure and controlled environment. However, introducing your pup to this new setting can cause you some anxiety….

Keep Your Dog Safe At The Beach

Keep Your Dog Safe At The Beach

Now that summer is approaching and plans are being made for your long-awaited beach trip, here are some tips to keep your dog safe at the beach. There is nothing quite like taking man’s best friend to the beach. Dogs can play and run around, and explore a new kind of world under the sun….

Keeping Your Dog Safe Around Water


The weather’s getting warmer! That means more time outside – at the pool, a lake or beach, and even boating. A lot of dogs intensely love the water this time of year. Allowing your dog to simmer down through a quick dip in the pool, beach, or lake would certainly be a great idea to…

Have You Tried “Private Parking” For Your Dog?

Private Dog Parks

Dog parks are good ways of teaching your dog the meaning of socialization and opening up to the outside world, meeting new friends and playing with them. But many people do not like going to public parks due to the fact that many times there are aggressive dogs present, and they are usually on the…

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