Meet our Previous Presenters:
Victoria Stilwell

Best known for her hit TV series It’s Me or the Dog, popular dog trainer,Â[more]

Tony Knight

Australian TV’s ‘Celebrity Dog Listener’ discusses the Amichie[more]

Ian Dunbar

Well respected veterinarian, behaviorist and trainer will discuss owner and dog-[more]

Dianne Sarasin

Behavior therapist and Master Trainer will discuss “The Native Language of[more]

Nick White

Specializing in basic & advanced obedience, detection, nosework, and persona[more]

Paul Owens

“The Original Dog Whisperer” will discuss a compassionate, nonviolen[more]

Dr. Chris Smith

Dogington Post’s Veterinarian will discuss common training questions he is[more]

Camilla Gray-Nelson

The “Dog Talk Diva” teaches her lessons on leadership and empowermen[more]

Dr. Shawn Messonnier

Dr. Shawn is a holistic veterinarian and award-winning author. He will discuss [more]

Jennifer Kachnic

Jennifer is the author of “Your Dog’s Golden Years: A Manual for Senior Dog [more]

John Clifton

John is a freelance writer, pet enthusiast and author of “Stop the Shots! : Ar[more]

Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda is the creator of The Tellington Method, a system of animal training, he[more]

Dr. Ernie Ward

Almost half of the dogs in the US are overweight, putting them at risk for major[more]

Dr. Doug Kenney

Veterinarian, Dr. Doug Kenney is an expert on pet health insurance, authoring bl[more]

Thom Somes

Thom Somes, “The Pet Safety Guy” is a renowned speaker and presente[more]

Leslie May & Johann

As dogs face more and more environmental and health risks living their daily liv[more]


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