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Be Patient With Rescue/Adopted Dogs

For adult dogs reasons include being abandoned, have become lost, or were dropped off at the shelter because the previous owner has become too old, ill, or has hit hard times economically to care for the dog. Occasionally it is because the owner has died. Then there are the dogs taken from previous owners by the Humane Society or animal control officials due to being abused.

Whatever the reasons are for the dog ending up in a rescue shelter, you must be aware of the fact all the adult dogs are going to have a previous history. The dog is going to require plenty of patience and love on your part before it is possible to win the dog’s confidence in you.

Some of these dogs are going to take right to a new owner with no problems. It is the dogs with a history of abusive treatment we especially need to use love and patience with. It will take time for the dog to learn you are not going to hurt them.

I have been a dog owner for many years, and it pains me to even think of how some of these dogs have been treated. They deserve good homes and loving owners, so please consider adopting a dog when you really want a dog. Be patient with the animal shelter dog, and he or she will reward you with many years of loyalty and love.

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