Is Your Dog Fashionably Clothed?

Today’s dog no longer looks to his collar as the only fashion statement he can make. In recent years what used to be the domain of well pampered show dogs and canines owned by the ultra-rich, has become a fast growing trend for the average dog owner: accessorizing the family dog with all manner of clothing. Have you jumped on the train with this trend and now strut around with your dog fashionably clothed?

Many dog owners view this trend as somewhat ridiculous, and to a certain extent they may be right. Would you want to take an evening stroll with your dog while he or she is sporting little rubber booties and a tailored rain coat? I know I would not subject my dogs to this, but many others feel just fine with dressing their pooches for a variety of reasons. I do have to admit there is something admirable about people who would go to the trouble of shopping, spending the money, and then taking the time to assure when they step out it is with a dog fashionably clothed. I just do not happen to be one of those people!

On the other hand many of the Toy and short hair breeds definitely benefit from extra protection from the cold weather of winter. This is where the trend to cloth a dog has really caught on with typical dog owners. A warm coat/vest covering the dog from neck to hind quarters is a great idea for those cold winter walks and when romping in the snow. Protective booties for the dog’s paws are very useful when walking the dog on ice covered sidewalks and roads. Iced neighborhood sidewalk and streets always have salt and sharp edges on the ice capable of cutting the pads of the dog’s feet. Then the salt enters the cut and this can be very painful for the pooch.

Sweaters are another very popular dog item for mildly chilly weather and they come in many sizes, styles, and colors to suit any dog owner’s taste.

For those who have hunting dogs such as bird dogs or Beagles it has become almost mandatory to wrap the dog in a brightly colored vests while afield. These dog hunting vests serve as protection against sharp briers penetrating the coat and skin. They also serve as an easy way to keep an eye on where the dog is due to the bright colors of the vests. And hopefully, will keep other hunters from mistaking your pooch as something else.

Maybe it is time to take a closer look at what is available so when you and Max hit the street he is a dog fashionably clothed!

Do you dress up your dog? Please leave comments below.




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