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16 of the Weirdest Things Dogs Have Ever Eaten

ThinkstockPhotos-506818740We’ve all heard of dogs eating our kids’ homework, but you might be surprised by some of the weirdest things dogs have ever eaten, documented below. Luckily, all 16 of these scarfing pups made full recoveries, despite swallowing some unbelievable items. From rocks and rings, to magic wands and rubber duckies, check out this list of 16 of the Weirdest Things Dogs Have Ever Eaten.

Dogs have been known to enjoy eating unpleasant or inedible items, but these pesky pooches have taken it to the limit with the items they consumed:

1. 13 Rocks

ThinkstockPhotos-481464305A six-month old Labrador puppy who liked to hang out near a fish pond found something that he really liked: rocks.  He stopped eating his food (a very bad sign with young pups) and was taken to the vet.   Diagnosis? Belly full of rocks that had started to work into the intestines. $1,500 in medical bills later the rocks were successfully removed and the lab had a full recovery.

The next item a dog ate is the one that makes bath time fun. But has to be surgically removed when eaten!

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