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Vote in the Dogington Post Awards: Favorite Dog Treat

As part of a larger initiative to educate dog owners on proper nutrition, effective training, and other ways to raise a happy and healthy dog, the Dogington Post is reviewing products, toys, foods, treats, and rescue organizations for our second annual Dogington Post Awards!

We’ll present the nominees in several categories. And, YOU, our readers, will have an opportunity to vote on your favorites, to help us choose a winner!

Nominees from each category for the Dogington Post Award have been selected based on strict criteria including dedication to animal health and welfare, providing the very best quality ingredients, and dedication to improving the lives of our dogs.

And now, presenting the nominees for Favorite Dog Treat:


Clear Conscience Pet’s Sliders TenderStikz

tenderstikzTenderStikz are 100% sourced and made in the USA with American beef from humane-audited ranches or vegetarian fed, hormone & antibiotic-free chicken paired with real cheddar cheese, wholesome veggies and organic flaxseed. In fact, the ingredient label reads like a gourmet meal you’d prepare for yourself! TenderStikz are the first tender, moist pet treats with NO glycerin or “vegetable” glycerin, NO propylene glycol, and NO sugars or syrups of any kind. And, of course there are no grains, gluten meals, or other high carb fillers. Just delicious, healthy, real food your dogs will love.

Clear Conscience Pet offers a variety of holistically formulated, cleanly sourced, and artisan prepared nutritional products for dogs and cats. The family-owned company follows a philosophy of uncompromising quality, ethics, and dedication to animals that extends beyond their own products. Currently, much of the pet industry views treats as unhealthy or junk food. Founder Anthony Bennie uses his time and expertise in animal nutrition to change that view – to help pet parents realize that treats can be a nutritious and important part of their dog’s diet

To learn more, visit


Baked Earth Dog Snacks’ Protein Bark

bakedearthBaked Earth’s Protein Bark dog snacks are a crisp, crunchy treat made using only locally sourced, pasture-raised meat or poultry. Available in Chicken, Beef, Lamb, or Pork, Baked Earth snacks use only meat raised naturally, without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics. Not only are these treats healthy and nutritious, dogs love the taste and crunch!

All of Baked Earth’s dog treats are made with love in the USA, using only U.S. or Canadian sourced ingredients. The bakery goes above and beyond to ensure their treats do not contain added preservatives, artificial hormones or GMOs. Produce is grown with heirloom seeds or seeds that have not been artificially modified and all animals are pasture raised; free to graze and forage. What’s more, Baked Earth’s meat is all sourced from farms within 10-miles of their Akron, Ohio kitchen! A visit to the Baked Earth website shows a list of every single ingredient they use and the region where they are sourced.  Baked Earth’s complete transparency and their dedication to providing only the best ingredients for our furkids made them an easy choice as one of our favorites!

(Plus, a portion of all sales is donated to animal rescue and welfare organizations!)

To learn more, visit


Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats

wetnosesWith a variety of flavors like Sweet Potato, Peas & Carrots, Peanut Butter & Molasses, Dogranola, Cheddar and more, you’ll have no trouble finding a Wet Noses dog treat your furriest family member will love! Made from 100% human-grade, organic ingredients in their very own kitchen, The Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company uses no chemicals, no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, corn, wheat, or soy in any of their products.

Not only are their dog treats designed to offer your pet the best in taste and nutrition, each recipe is specially formulated to meet your dog’s individual needs. Sweet Potato treats are soothing to sensitive tummies, Peas & Carrots treats are specially designed for allergy-prone dogs, Pumpkin treats are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, Dogranola offers important ingredients for cardiovascular health, Cheddar treats are an excellent source of calcium, and their Agave & Pear treats have a naturally low glycemic index, perfect for diabetic dogs.

And, since Wet Noses uses only USDA certified organic ingredients, you won’t have to worry about pesticides, GMO’s, irradiation, and absolutely none of their ingredients are shipped in from overseas.

To learn more, visit


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