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RECALL ALERT: Iverhart Chewable Heartworm Prevention

Virbac Animal Health has issued an expanded recall of certain lots of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables for heartworm prevention.

This recall is an expansion of a recall issued last April due to low levels of Ivermectin, leaving dogs in the upper third of each weight range unprotected against heartworm infection.

According to PetMD, the following items are part of the expanded recall:

The following lot numbers of Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables are included in the expanded recall:

Small (up to 25lbs)
120092: Small (up to 25lbs)
120397: Small (up to 25lbs)
120398: Small (up to 25lbs)
120798: Small (up to 25lbs)

Medium (26-50lbs)
120090: Medium (26-50lbs)
120301: Medium (26-50lbs)
120378: Medium (26-50lbs)
120450: Medium (26-50lbs)
121282: Medium (26-50lbs)

Large (51-100lbs)
120091: Large (51-100lbs)
120127:Large (51-100lbs)
120195: Large (51-100lbs)
120207: Large (51-100lbs)
120256: Large (51-100lbs)
120289: Large(51-100lbs)
120300: Large (51-100lbs)
120305: Large (51-100lbs)
120306: Large (51-100lbs)
120377: Large (51-100lbs)
120379: Large (51-100lbs)
120434: Large (51-100lbs)
120440: Large (51-100lbs)
120464: Large (51-100lbs)
120651: Large (51-100lbs)
120658: Large (51-100lbs)
120678: Large (51-100lbs)
120831: Large (51-100lbs)
121110: Large (51-100lbs)
121150: Large (51-100lbs)
121283: Large (51-100lbs)
121386: Large (51-100lbs)

No illness or adverse reactions have been reported as a result of this recall.

For questions or concerns about the Iverhart Plus recall, please contact Virbac Technical Services at 1-800-338-3659 ext. 3052.



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