Ask the Trainer: Help My Dog Get Along With Other Dogs

Dear Kevin, Sophie is a great natured, well behaved 8.5 year old labradoodle. She has one problem …. she does not like other dogs (all sizes) an[more]

Ask the Trainer: Helping a Puppy Mill Survivor Transition Into Life in a Home

Dear Kevin, My 8-year old mill dog rescue Pom, Sweetpea that we have had for 5 months, has two very challenging behaviors. #1. She barks constantly; s[more]

Ask the Trainer: My Dog is Aggressive Toward Other Dogs During Walks

Kevin, My four year old Golden, Linus has recently shown “aggressive” behavior towards certain other dogs (a German Shepard and a Rottie i[more]

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Changing Bad Behavior
Dealing With a Dog that Digs

Some dogs seem to just enjoy getting down and dirty by non-stop digging. Meanwhile, their owners are helpless as they wa[more]

VIDEO: Teaching Your Dog to Greet Houseguests Properly

What is your dog’s typical response when a guest arrives? Is your dog very excited? Does he jump on the guest? If you [more]

That’s it! You are in Time-out!

To some this may sound silly. A time-out? Really? What if I told you that this is a punishment method that you can have [more]

Benefits of Dog Toys and Treats

If you have ever questioned the benefits of dog toys and treats, just remember this: dogs are like kids; they need somet[more]

Quick Way To Stop the “Jumping Up”

When you bring in a new, adorable pup, its behavior is usually considered “so sweet”. The dog puts its paws [more]

Stop Your Dog’s Digging Up the Yard

Are you the proud owner of a dog that digs up your yard like he is operating a backhoe? Here are a few reasons why the d[more]

Does Your Dog Lick Things Obsessively?

Does your dog lick things obsessively? A dog licking various objects is considered pretty much normal among pet owners a[more]

Controlling an Escape Artist

Are you having trouble controlling an escape artist dog? Don’t feel bad if you are, because many dog owners deal with [more]

House Training
Stopping a Dog From Going Potty in the House

No one likes to wake up to dog urine or feces in their home. This is not only disgusting; it is a very unhealthy environ[more]

Why Dogs Mark their Territory

Ever wondered why your usually very housebroken dog will sometimes lift his leg and urinate in inappropriate places? I[more]

Easy Housebreaking Steps

Keeping a dog in your home requires priority one be housebreaking your puppy or adult dog for more reasons than we can c[more]

The “Con” Side of Crate Training

There are many valid reasons for using a dog crate when training a puppy or adult dog, but when used incorrectly the con[more]

The “Pro” Side of Crate Training

Having trouble housebreaking your new puppy or adult dog? One method used by many dog owners is crate training. What is [more]

Old Dogs New Tricks
Training Your Pooch To Swim

Contrary to popular opinion, not all dogs can swim! Some are afraid to even get in the water. Does your dog like to swim[more]

Teaching Rover To Jump Rope

Teaching our dogs to perform tricks is part of the enjoyment of owning a dog. While you may think teaching your dog to j[more]

New Exercises For Your Pooch

Is your dog bored with his “routine exercise routine”? You know, walking on the same street or path, tossing[more]

VIDEO: Old Dogs CAN Learn Tricks

I wish I knew where that adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” came from because nothing could[more]

How To Train An Old Dog

Maybe you’re thinking of adopting an old dog but are concerned that she hasn’t been trained.  Don’t buy into the [more]

Housebreaking An Older Dog

There are countless reasons why a dog might pass the puppy stage without ever being housebroken. Maybe your older dog is[more]


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